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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Safe use of vaccines and vaccine compliance with food safety requirements

Author(s) : K. Grein, O. Papadopoulos & M. Tollis

Summary :

Advanced technologies and regulatory regimes have contributed to the availability of veterinary vaccines that have high quality and favourable safety profiles in terms of potential risks posed to the target animals, the persons who come into contact with the vaccine, the consumers of food derived from vaccinated animals and the environment. The authorisation process requires that a range of safety studies are provided to evaluate the products. The design and production of vaccines, and their safe use, are primarily assessed by using data gathered from extensive pre-marketing studies performed on target animals and specific quality tests. The current post-marketing safeguards include good manufacturing practices, batch safety testing, inspections and pharmacovigilance. In addition to hazard identification, a full benefit/risk evaluation needs to be undertaken. The outcome of that evaluation will determine options for risk management and affect regulatory decisions on the safety of the vaccine; options might, for example, include special warnings on package inserts and labels.

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