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Product title :

Cross-sectional study of cattle lice infestation in the region of Nabeul in north-east Tunisia

Author(s) : M. Gharbi, H. Ben Abdallah, Y. Mbarek, M. Jedidi & M.A. Darghouth

Summary :

No. 19112013-00015-EN

This cross-sectional study is the first to estimate the prevalence of cattle pediculosis in Tunisia. A total of 39 cattle farms in the region of Nabeul in north-east Tunisia were visited and lice were collected by intensively brushing 789 cattle. The prevalence was estimated to be 20.5% on the farms (8/39) and 4.7% in animals (37/789). Collected parasites were examined under a stereomicroscope and three lice species were identified: Bovicola bovis, Linognathus vituli and Haematopinus eurysternus. Thirty-two animals were infested with the chewing lice B. bovis (4%), three with H. eurysternus (0.4%) and two with L. vituli (0.2%). The infestation prevalence was higher in calves under eight months of age (21.6%) than in adults (0.8%). Decision-makers in animal health should consider this parasitic disease in their control and eradication programmes.

Cattle – Parasite – Pediculosis – Tunisia.

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