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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Chlamydial infections in Chinese livestock

Author(s) : L. Yin, I.D. Kalmar, J. Boden & D. Vanrompay

Summary :

No. 22102013-00011-EN

The occurrence and impact of chlamydial infections in Western livestock is well documented in the international literature, but less is known about these infections in livestock in the People’s Republic of China. China’s livestock production and its share in the global market have increased significantly in recent decades. In this review, the relevant English and Chinese literature on the epidemiology of chlamydial infections in Chinese livestock is considered, and biosecurity measures, prophylaxis and treatment of these infections in China’s livestock are compared with Western practices. Chlamydial infections are highly prevalent in Chinese livestock and cause important economic losses, as they do in the rest of the world. Surveillance data and diagnostic results of abortion outbreaks in cattle, sheep and goats highlight the importance of virulent chlamydial infections in China’s major ruminant species in many of China’s provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


Antibiotic treatment – Biosecurity – China – Chlamydiaceae – Livestock – Traditional medicine.

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