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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Data management systems for the bovine viral diarrhoea eradication programme in Switzerland

Author(s) : H. Schwermer, D. Bernet, P. Presi, P. Schaller, M. Stern & D. Heim

Summary :

No. 10102013-00007-EN

A programme to eradicate bovine viral diarrhoea was launched in Switzerland in 2008 with the aim of eradicating the causal virus. During the first year of the programme, the entire population of 1.6 million cattle were tested for the presence of the virus; in the following three years an additional 1.8 million calves were tested. The complexity of information generated during the eradication programme, together with a tight schedule, made computerised data management a necessity. To organise, coordinate and supervise the programme, extensions were made to the computerised information system ISVet, of the Swiss Veterinary Service, which provides automated documents for both the Veterinary Service and private veterinarians. Specific data are accessible by user groups via the BVD-Web platform, ISVet and the Swiss animal movement database. The functionalities of the structure and the reports needed to control the progress of the programme are described in detail. The authors also discuss the major advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls when planning an eradication programme using a national centralised database over a distributed computer network.

Bovine viral diarrhoea – Data management – Eradication – Switzerland.

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