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Assessing the relationship between farming practices, laboratory analyses and post-mortem findings: a case study in pig fattening

Author(s) : N. Langkabel & R. Fries

Summary :

No. 04102013-00006-EN

European Union legislation on animal production associated with food safety requires the collection and management of information and data about the farm, the herd and the individual animal. This paper describes the technical steps of the generation, collection and interpretation of data from 296 pig-fattening farms, belonging to two farming associations and using indoor production systems (56 management parameters). The paper also describes post-mortem findings and the results of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) for antibodies to salmonellae, Trichinella spp. and Yersinia spp. A total of nearly 30 million data points were collected and analysed for this study.


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay – Food safety – Meat inspection – Pork – Risk management – Serological examination – Zoonoses.

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