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Veterinarian challenges to providing a multi-agency response to farm animal welfare problems in Ireland: responding to the human factor

Author(s) : C. Devitt, P. Kelly, M. Blake, A. Hanlon & S.J. More

Summary :

No. 08112013-00013-EN

In 2012, the authors undertook a study of the challenges facing government and private veterinarians in responding to the human element of farm animal welfare incidents (i.e. the personal problems and difficulties of farmers that can result in farm animal neglect). This paper reports their findings and examines the role of veterinarians in responding to the difficulties of farmers. It also looks at their experiences of attempting to build a multi-agency approach involving veterinary and human support services. This paper builds on a study whereby the authors considered how social, health and attitudinal factors, as well as mental health problems, contribute to farm animal welfare incidents in Ireland. An early warning system involving relevant agencies is in place to identify and prevent farm animal welfare problems before they become critical. The literature provides examples of private veterinarians combining with support services where there are indicators of animal and human abuse.

Abuse – Animal hoarding – Animal welfare – Confidentiality – Early warning system – Farm animal welfare – Farmer welfare – Government veterinarian – Human element – Ireland – Mental health – Neglect – Private veterinarian – Qualitative research – Support services.

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