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Veterinarians as practitioners and as key players in epidemiological surveillance: two tasks, two paradigms to be reconciled

Author(s) : D. Calavas, E. Collin & P. Hendrikx

Summary :

Nº 10102013-00008-FR

Veterinary practitioners are often involved in epidemiological surveillance systems, where their task is to detect animals suspected of suffering from diseases subject to surveillance and to include them in surveillance. However, these two tasks – practising veterinary medicine and taking part in surveillance – are based on different paradigms. Faced with a sick animal, a practitioner tries to maximise the probability of a correct diagnosis, whereas, when implementing surveillance, a veterinarian is required to maximise the inclusion of suspected cases in surveillance systems. Based on an analysis of the difficulties and problems posed by these coexisting tasks, the authors propose potential solutions through veterinary education and training. The implementers and coordinators of epidemiological surveillance systems must take these factors into account.

Animal health – Bias – Epidemiological surveillance – Compulsory reporting – Notifiable disease – Regulated disease – Veterinary practitioner.

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