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Status of bovine tuberculosis in Addis Ababa dairy farms

Author(s) : K. Elias, D. Hussein, B. Asseged, T. Wondwossen & M. Gebeyehu

Summary :

The study was conducted to determine the status of bovine tuberculosis in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by a comparative intradermal tuberculin test of 1,869 animals in 106 farms. Epidemiological information was also collected, taking into account factors chosen for their epidemiological significance and local livestock husbandry characteristics. In addition, milk samples were collected from tuberculin reactors for mycobacterial isolation and characterisation. Chi-square statistic, simple regression and multiple stepwise logistic regression were used to analyse the data. Of the 106 farms examined, 46 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 33.8% to 53.4%) contained comparative skin test reactors. Of the 1,869 animals, 443 (95% CI: 21.8% to 25.7%) were comparative skin test reactors.
Bovine tuberculosis – Dairy farm – Ethiopia – Exotic breed – Milk – Mycobacterium bovis – Tuberculin test.

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