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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The transfer of East Coast fever immunisation to veterinary paraprofessionals in Zambia

Author(s) : T. Marcotty, G. Chaka, J. Brandt, D. Berkvens, E. Thys, M. Mulumba, L. Mataa & P. Van den Bossche

Summary :

In eastern Zambia, immunisation by ‘infection and treatment’ is the main method used to control East Coast fever, an acute and lethal cattle disease. This service, which requires a stringent cold chain, used to be free of charge. When a minimal user fee was introduced, attendance dropped drastically. Consequently, this complex immunisation programme was transferred to veterinary paraprofessionals working on their own account, with the aim of boosting a more sustainable distribution of vaccine. Paraprofessionals were provided with a motorbike and the required specific equipment, but fuel and drugs were at their expenses.
Cattle – Cold chain – Distribution – East Coast fever – Immunisation – Infection and treatment – Paraprofessional – Tick-borne disease – Zambia.

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