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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Pathogens of domestic and free-ranging ungulates: global climate change in temperate to boreal latitudes across North America

Author(s) : E.P. Hoberg, L. Polley, E.J. Jenkins & S.J. Kutz

Summary :

In North America broad-based research networks explore the interaction of vertebrates, their characteristic arrays of pathogens and emergent disease. A diversity of programmes address the impact of environmental change on animal health, zoonoses, and human health, but as yet no comprehensive framework or strategy has emerged to develop and implement policy and planning. In a regime of climate change and ecological perturbation, the need to document and understand the health, agricultural, societal and economic impact of pathogens and emerging infectious disease is urgent. An integrated and proactive planning process linking national and international resources can lead to informed predictions about the impact of environmental change and can identify pathways for potential management and mitigation.

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