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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

How the biodiversity sciences may aid biological tools and ecological engineering to assess the impact of climatic changes

Author(s) : S. Morand & J.-F. Guégan

Summary :

This paper addresses how climate changes interact with other global changes caused by humans (habitat fragmentation, changes in land use, bioinvasions) to affect biodiversity. Changes in biodiversity at all levels (genetic, population and community) affect the functioning of ecosystems, in particular host–pathogen interactions, with major consequences in health ecology (emergence and reemergence; the evolution of virulence and resistance). In this paper, the authors demonstrate that the biodiversity sciences, epidemiological theory and evolutionary ecology are indispensable in assessing the impact of climate changes, and also for modelling the evolution of host–pathogen interactions in a changing environment. The next step is to apply health ecology to the science of ecological engineering.

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