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Author(s) : E.-M. Bernoth & B.J. Hill

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Infectious disease outbreaks can and will occur in wild aquatic animal populations. These outbreaks go mostly unseen, depending on their location, but they can also be very prominent, for example, the severe reduction in wild salmon populations in Norway in rivers into which the parasite Gyrodactylus salaris was accidentally introduced in the early 1970s (6), the pilchard mortality events off the southern Australian coasts in 1995 and 1998 (4), and the serious fish disease outbreaks due to epizootic ulcerative syndrome that have been reported since December 2006 in several locations in the Chobe-Zambezi river system in Africa (9). However, with disease outbreaks in the open aquatic environment, there is mostly little scope for successful intervention; government agencies tend to focus their efforts on communication strategies rather than attempting disease control. The situation is different in aquaculture, where some degree of control over the animals and their environment is possible. The papers in this publication focus on disease emergencies in aquaculture.

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