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Comparative evaluation of the Rose Bengal plate test, standard tube agglutination test and complement fixation test (…)

Author(s) : M. Yohannes, J.P.S. Gill, S. Ghatak, D.K. Singh & T. Tolosa

Summary :

In this study, 241 serum samples from individuals exposed to brucellosis were subjected to the Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT); the titre was estimated by standard tube agglutination test (STAT), with positive ≥ 80 IU/ml. Randomly selected sera (n = 81) were analysed by complement fixation test (CFT): titre ≥ 1:4 was considered positive. Of 241 sera subjected to RBPT and STAT, 177 were negative in both tests; 5 samples tested negative by RBPT but positive by STAT. None was positive by RBPT and negative by STAT. Of 81 sera subjected to CFT, 23 (28.4%) were positive. Both RBPT and CFT found 18 samples positive; 5 samples were positive by CFT and negative by RBPT. Comparison of STAT with CFT showed 13 samples positive by STAT but negative by CFT, and 4 positive by CFT but negative by STAT. The sensitivity and specificity of STAT were 82.6% and 77.6%, respectively, with CFT as gold standard. No test is perfect, and the clinical history coupled with a combination of two or more tests will reduce diagnostic errors.
Comparative evaluation – Complement fixation test – Human brucellosis – Rose Bengal plate test – Standard tube agglutination test.

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