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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Good governance of animal health systems and public-private partnerships: an Australian case study

Author(s) : P.F. Black

Summary :

The animal health system in Australia has evolved over more than 100 years and includes innovative public-private partnership arrangements. The establishment in 1996 of Animal Health Australia (AHA), a not-for-profit company, was a crucial development which formalised arrangements for shared decision-making and funding across both government and industry stakeholders. However, Federal and State governments retain legislative authority for animal health control. Accordingly, all programmes must recognise that the public sector remains an executive arm of government, accountable for its actions. Hence, much effort has been invested in ensuring that the governance arrangements within AHA are lawful and transparent. The Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA) is a very good example of governance arrangements that are sustainably financed, widely available, provided efficiently, without waste or duplication, and in a manner that is transparent and free of fraud or corruption.
Animal health – Animal Health Australia – Australia – Certainty – Cost-sharing agreement – Emergency animal disease – Funding – Governance – Partnership – Policy development – Public-private partnership.

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