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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Initial assessment of strategic plans for improving the performance of Veterinary Services in developing countries: a review of OIE PVS Gap Analysis reports

Author(s) : J. Weaver, E. Leon, M. Edan & F. D’Alessio

Summary :

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) carries out Gap Analysis missions (if a country so wishes) as part of its programme to assess and improve the Performance of Veterinary Services (the ‘PVS Pathway’) in Member Countries. These Gap Analysis missions have found that many national Veterinary Services comply to only a limited extent with the international standards established by the OIE and that their competence is compromised by poor governance. This failure threatens animal and public health not only nationally but also internationally. The OIE PVS Gap Analysis reports reviewed found that all the Veterinary Services have a strong vision and commitment to improvement but are held back by a weak chain of command, inadequate and outdated legislation, insufficient funding, weak technical competencies, compromised technical independence, poor communications and limited joint programmes.
Budget – Chain of command – Funding – Good governance – Joint programme – Legislation – National priority – PVS Gap Analysis – Technical competence – Technical independence – Veterinary Services.

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