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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The OIE PVS tools and expert evaluations: key elements for improving the governance of Veterinary Services

Author(s) : E. Fermet-Quinet

Summary :

The OIE tools for evaluating the Performance of Veterinary Services (OIE PVS tools) were drafted using the same science-based and mutually agreed procedure as for the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code. The aim of the PVS tools is to improve Veterinary Services (VS) in accordance with their own specific context by harmonising the fundamental principles of VS quality and the criteria for evaluating it. Experts use the OIE PVS tools to propose ways of improving VS governance in any context. Clearly, the weakest states do not have the capacity to implement structural reforms without the support of development partners, themselves acting in a coordinated and complementary manner on the basis of OIE PVS analyses.
Chain of command – Expert evaluation – Governance of Veterinary Services – Income of veterinarians – OIE PVS Tool – Technical independence – Veterinary education – Veterinary Services.

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